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POWER SWEEPING – Outdoor, Indoor and Underground Parking Lot Power Sweeping

Do you need to remove dust and other debris from your indoor or outdoor parking lot? Our power sweeping services can become a reliable and cost-effective part of your ongoing maintenance schedule. We have the equipment, experience and flexibility to meet your needs.

Regular sweeping of your parking lot could mean more revenue to your business because a well maintained parking lot is the key to attracting customers. To help you keep your property clean and safe, we offer complete indoor and outdoor parking lot cleaning and power sweeping services to property managers and owners.

Dirt and loose gravel wear out asphalt pavement but you can prolong your pavement’s life and keep your property looking beautiful and safe by using our sweeping services or signing up for our parking lot maintenance program.

The Driveway Doctor Power Sweeping services are a perfect match for:

Sweeping Services

  • Indoor / Underground Parking Lots
  • Outdoor Parking Areas
  • Warehouse and Storage Facilities
  • Shopping Mall and Coffee Shop Parking Areas
  • Schools, Universities, Colleges Parking Lots
  • Municipal Parking Lots
  • Condominiums and Apartment Building Parking Areas
  • Hotels, Banquet Halls and Conference Centre Lots

Whether you need seasonal, monthly, weekly or a one time power sweeping service we will be happy to give you a quote that works best for your property. We can put together a regularly scheduled power sweeping program that’s right for you. Complete annual or seasonal maintenance contracts are also available upon request.

For cleanliness and safety, choose The Driveway Doctor and we will maintain your parking lot’s appeal while prolonging the life of your asphalt pavement.

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