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Q: Why do I need to seal my asphalt driveway?

A: Your asphalt driveway or parking lot is probably the most abused piece of your investment. Sun, rain, snow, frost etc all play a very active role in destroying your asphalt.

 sealed asphalt versus non-sealed asphaltOur sealer– being rubberized- aids with traction in rain and snow. We also add silica sand to the mix for a non-slip texture! In addition, it is highly UV resistant which helps protect the asphalt from cracking due to the sun and extreme heat. Lastly, sealing fine cracks will stop seepage of water leading to driveway foundation issues which causes the asphalt to dip and sag.

Aside from the many protecting properties of our sealer; it also looks incredible. Unlike our competitors who spray acrylic and oil based sealer, our product dries to a beautiful matte finish restoring the beauty of your property to what it was when the asphalt was first laid.

Don’t forget, we brush our sealer on thick by hand. Its never sprayed! Our Advanced Industrial Sealer with rubberized latex will last you about 3 years rather than 6 months like our competitors. We offer a one year guarantee for your added piece of mind. No other company offers a guarantee. Thats just how confident we are in our product and workmanship.

Q. I hate that shiny look when driveways are sprayed. Is your sealer shiny too?

A. No, our sealer dries to a beautiful matte finish that has the closest resemblance to new asphalt. The shine you are seeing from our competitors is an oil sealer which is a low grade sealer. We only use the best!

Q. My neighbor had his driveway sprayed recently and I went over to visit him when it was raining. His driveway was so slippery when it was wet I felt like I was walking on ice. How can I avoid this problem?

A. Use our product! Our sealer contains NO oil which is what makes the driveways slippery when wet. In fact our sealer contains 35% rubberized latex giving it a no slip texture. Not only is this safer but it will also help protect you from liability claims should someone slip and fall from an oil based sealer.

Q. Your company gave us a quote for our driveway and a sprayer quoted us less. Why are you more expensive?

A. At first thought it may sound more expensive but in fact it’s cheaper. A sprayer’s oil base sealer will begin to fade after only a few months and within a year it will be worn down severely. On the other hand, ours will last you 2 to 3 years because it is a much higher grade sealer and is brushed on thick, therefore making it the best value and investment. We work hard for your investment by protecting your driveway the “Right” way!

Q. I have stones along the edge of my driveway and I’m concerned you will get sealer on them.

A. Our sealer is brushed on by hand not sprayed. Therefore, we take great pride in not making a mess of your stonework or cement edging. And just to be on the safe side we always keep a special liquid cleaner with us while performing the sealing.

Q. How long does it take you to seal my driveway?

A. Every asphalt driveway is different but generally we’re on a standard 4 car driveway for a good hour because we do all of the cleaning and preparation work before it gets sealed.

Q. When can I drive on my freshly sealed driveway?

A. The recommended drying time is 24 hours to allow the sealer to fully cure. Giving the driveway 48 hours is even better but normally not required.

Q. Does your sealer play any effect in snow removal in the winter?

A. As a matter of fact it does. In the winter we do residential and commercial snow removal. We found that the snow and ice come off a driveway that we have sealed much easier than a driveway not sealed. We believe it is because of the 35% rubber in our sealer since ice and snow have a harder time sticking to rubber.

Q. I’m considering sealing my driveway myself with store bought sealer. How do you feel about store bought sealer?

A. Honestly, you would be better off doing nothing at all to your driveway than sealing it with store bought sealer. The sealer you buy in stores will crack and peel. See the following photo of a driveway that was sealed with store bought sealer.

acrylic asphalt sealer damage

Q. Hello, we would like to get our driveway sealed on Monday because we have family coming over on Tuesday and we want our property to look good for them but payday isn’t until Friday. Can we work something out?

A. Of course! Contact us to discuss your driveway sealing and repair options.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Debit. Sorry we do not do cash sales.

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